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Zippie Card

Zippie Card is the easiest way to securely send digital currencies.

  • Get started in 10 seconds
  • Send large transactions easily and securely
  • Recover your Zippie ID in case you lose your phone
  • Get a bag of tokens right off the bat

Anyone with a smartphone can now tap into the power of the blockchain. In 10 seconds, you’ll have a digital identity and be on your way to sending and receiving cryptocurrency right on your mobile phone. With Zippie Card, you – and only you – can securely confirm payments.

To get you started, Zippie Card comes preloaded with 500 Zippie tokens (ZIPT), the utility token of the Zippie OS.

Besides the card, you'll also get an digital identity and wallet which you can use access dApps with a single tap - no plug-ins needed. Moreover, you can easily recover your identity and wallet with the card if you lose your phone.

Shipping time estimate is 4-6 weeks and subject to availability. For Android and NFC-supported phones only.